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Who we are


ENAIP (ACLI National Agency of Vocational Training), founded in 1951, is a non-profit organization recognized by D.P.R. (Presidential Decree) of 4/5/1961.
Promoted by ACLI (Italian Workers’ Christian Association), it operates institutionally in the field of vocational training, offering a variety of services within the different stages of the educational process, with public financing or by orders from businesses, agencies, associations, the Public Administration.
Currently Enaip represents - for its financed activities, the interventions it carries out, the clients/ users involved, the structures, the human resources and the technical and organizational supplies - one of the most important vocational training organizations present in Italy.
Enaip initiatives and its interventions, aimed to pursue first and foremost the interests of the workers and those marginal groups of the population, are carried out in Italy, in the countries of the European Union and in third-world countries for their self-development.

Enaip is organized as a network association, divided into legally independent regional bodies, coordinated by the national office and operative in nearly all Italian regions through Education Service Centers (Centri di Servizi Formativi - CSF).
Thanks to its organizational form, it continually re-defines the education it offers in order to adapt it to the evolution of human society and the market, as well as to the changes in work policies, and social and scholastic/training policies; in order to be an agent of innovation and development and make itself a promoter of sociality:


"Attentive to the person,
open to the market"


is the slogan that marries the new needs with Enaip’s educational tradition based on the enrichment of human resources.

The national office of Enaip specifically looks after activities including educational planning, study, research, documentation and diffusion, consulting and technical assistance, evaluation, quality development, innovation and protection of intervention and strategic content areas.

The main training activities, performed at a national and peripheral level, concern:

  • basic, second level and post graduate vocational training
  • continuous training and updating
  • re-qualification and re-insertion for the unemployed or workers at risk of unemployment
  • training educators and social workers
  • intervention for women, youths and adults, who plan to enter or re-enter the workforce
  • interventions for the socially and professionally weak groups (youths at risk, non-EC, disabled, drug addicts, prisoners...)
  • territorial observatory and analysis of needs
  • professional orientation for users in transition
  • development of self-entrepreneurship, working insertion, starting a business
  • network and territory development
  • transnational activities: exchanges, training, work groups, community networks...
  • experimentation and development of methodologies: long distance education, multimedia packages, on-the-job training, modular flexibility.
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